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Digital Service

Digital marketing fullservice

All your Digital Year Wheels together in one Fullservice agreement. Select Small, Standard or Large Fullservice Agreement as needed. The 4 Year Wheels are as follows:

Digital Customer Care

We take care of the entire customer journey & report regularly! As your collaborative partner, we have control of your digital universe. Executing campaigns across platforms – we’ve made the complex simple to understand. We give fullservice of your online identity and digital presence with a focus on the customer journey. A team of specialists works continuously on your common thread and regularly publishes material on all your platforms. Fullservice covers a total package of all our services in the Year Wheel.

Campaigns & Topic clustering

Shotgun- & Sniper campaigns
When building a campaign, the campaign is always based on a Sniper Keyword. We use Keywords to tie campaigns together across platforms. Topic clustering is a way to organize your content which are all centered around a topic.