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An organization build with 4 Cornerstones


Spacegruppen is a consortium of different agencies with their own specialty. Lost in Space takes the core of the internet, your website, to the next generation and make sure that you have a web page or Shop that complies with all the regulations that are in relation to search engines. Into Space takes you company further in your brand awareness marketing in terms of SEO, SoMe and SEM. And lastly but not least Out of Space, the Advertising agency that makes sure that you brand strategy get a 360 degrees perspective and makes sure your brand leaves an imprint in the universe.
We are your online department with control of the common thread. We are here when you need us and can help where your need is. Our success depends on yours! We are here to create results. Our most important task is to make money and save money for your business. We say our opinion. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to websites and online marketing. Therefore, we dare to challenge you so that we arrive at the best result.

Through many years of practical experience and a sincere desire to revolutionize the industry with 100% transparency, we have created an honest product that emphasizes the quality of your future foundation, higher than our own profit. Our website solution is not only technically and financially superior, we also make you independent of 3rd parties – you own everything yourself, without obligation.

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